How Apple Change the Technology World

Technological developments are endless. Digital technology makes everything can be monitored remotely because of the power of the internet. Meanwhile, Apple is a tech giant that has led many technological developments from year to year. Not only the iPhone equipped with the iPhone user guide which has always been a trendsetter in the smartphone market, many other technological developments were initiated by Apple.

Apple often worries other tech companies. Because this American company always comes up with the latest innovations that spark trends in the technology world. For this reason, when Apple patents its product idea, other companies are often anxious if the technology giant aims to control and monopolize the technology industry.

What is Apple?

Apple or its official name is Apple Inc. is a US company that designs, develops and sells electronic devices and computer software. The iPad and iPhone are some of the company’s most successful products in the world. Apple Inc. was founded on April 1, 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. Apple is a successful company, not only for being at the forefront of selling the devices it pioneered, but also for introducing certain changes in everyday life and in the world of technology in general.

How apple changed the world of technology

Apple with its technological innovations brings a big influence to the world of technology. The company has patents in the field of technology that indirectly change the world of technology. Here are some patents owned by Apple that changed the world.

  1. Smartphone that focuses on the screen

iPhone, which was first released in 2007, has indeed provoked the development of smart phones. The presence of the iPhone including iPhone user guide with a touch screen at that time was said to have broken the smartphone model.

Several other manufacturers at that time were still designing physical keyboards. Where the presence of a physical keyboard takes up a third of the front of the phone. By removing the keyboard, the iPhone screen looks wider than the cell phone in general.

This technology ultimately makes the application more optimized. Because they can now be used on a wider screen. Although it had received scorn from many parties, the decision to eliminate the QWERTY keyboard was finally followed by many other companies.

Even now we can see, almost all smartphone companies are no longer using a physical keyboard. Because of this breakthrough, some companies even took designs that were very similar to the iPhones of that time.

  1. The app store changes how apps are distributed

Apple may not be the first company to open access for application developers, especially smartphone application developers from third parties. Apple first launched the App Store in 2008, and when it first opened, it received nearly 500 apps from major third-party developers. Tricks offered by Apple allow users to easily search, buy, and install paid or free applications.

  1. iTunes

Who has used an iPod? Even though it’s not popular anymore, iTunes, which was released simultaneously in 2001, still exists today. Starting from an online music store service, now iTunes even has many functions.

The popularity of iTunes, which has now penetrated the iPhone, has made its competitors appear. Starting from Spotify, JOOX and others who are competing to be the best music streaming application. iTunes gave artists and labels a new model for selling music, and its deep integration with the iPod helped spur its popularity as a music platform.

  1. Interface gestures that make now a mandatory feature for all today’s smartphones

Apple is not the inventor of the touch screen, but the way they use this technology deserves thumbs up. One of them is multi-touch control that can help use a smartphone. Actually, not many know, that gestures such as ‘pinch’ to enlarge an image, map, or a site, were first introduced by Apple. You can find this in the iPhone user guide.

The same thing even applies to scrolling up or down a list. But in the end, it became the standard used by other companies.

Those are some of the patents made by Apple that changed the world of technology, especially in the development of smartphone devices with features and various kinds of gestures as written in the iPhone user guide.

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