Guidelines for Choosing a VPN Service Provider

The world is now filled with technology and the development of the internet. Indeed, the internet becomes the most important need demanded by many people right now. However, there is a danger on the internet. The more people use the internet, then the wider the opportunity of a hacker to snoop your online activity.

If you are a privacy worshipper, a VPN server is the best solution to it. Although some people might consider using VPN will decrease the speed of the internet, but the security of online browsing is the number 1 priority right? Or are you disappointed by the sluggishness of internet speed caused by VPN?

Well, now you might wonder, is a VPN really worth it? Yep, note this in your mind that sluggishness caused by VPN is only applied to those who use free VPN. Free VPN is easy to use, but it is not as secure as the premium one, and the connection is very sluggish.

Based on those several reasons, it is important to select a good VPN service provider in order not to experience security breaches and slow internet.

Tips on Choosing a Good VPN Service Provider

It is a must for you to choose the VPN service provider which serves you the fastest and the most secure connection. Here are some tips on how to choose a good VPN service provider.

  • Encryption

The quality of the encryption will determine how safe your internet connection will be. It is important to choose a VPN service provider which provides you with the best encryption. You don’t want to sacrifice your privacy and connection speed with a bad VPN provider that can’t handle encryption well right?

  • Based on Your Need

Before choosing one VPN service to provide, you need to know what is your need to do with VPN. Determine your need of using a VPN, and then you can choose the provider that suits you the best.

  • Based on Your Devices

It is such a waste if you use one of the VPN service providers and you cannot use it because your device won’t support the VPN. So, always check the compatibility of a VPN before going to use one.

  • Know Your Location

You should know whether your location is covered by the VPN service provider or not. Learn which location that is covered by the provider to avoid wasting money.

  • Easy and Fun UI

Indeed, you will be pleased if your VPN software has a good, easy and fun UI right? With the friendly user interface, you can customize settings easily and you will have fun with it!

  • Good Customer Care

Always check the credibility of a service provider, especially customer care. Good customer care will guide you through all using your VPN service. Make sure they are friendly and helpful. The key to a successful service provider is seen with its customer care.

Yep, those are some guidelines on how to choose a VPN service provider. VPN will let you surf the online world securely without worrying about hackers or snoopers’ attacks. With all these explanations, are you still question is a VPN really worth it?

5 Types of Printers You Should Know

The printer is hardware for displaying data in printed form. Printers are used to print data in the form of images, writing on paper.

Printers have several main components to print paper, namely ink, picker, and tray. If you want the printer to function optimally, you also need HP printer drivers download. Because these drivers will make the printer work optimally.

Types of Printers You Should Know

There are various types of printers that we must know. The difference between each printer is not just a brand, but a system difference.

For all printers must use ink. But printers are made for each purpose. The following are the types of printers that you should know:

  1. Inkjet Printer

This printer is the most commonly used in society. Because the size of this printer is quite small and does not take up space.

Inkjet printers are suitable for use at home, school, or office because they can print document results very clearly.

You need to buy quality ink so that the printouts of images and documents can display solid colors. Unfortunately, the price of ink cartridges is somewhat expensive.

So, every time the ink runs out, you have to refill it over and over again. Its use is quite wasteful when printing color images.

  1. LaserJet Printer

Unlike the inkjet printer, this printer has a system that uses a laser during the printing process. Laser is the technology used in photocopiers.

This kind of printer is suitable for you who need to print many documents. Because this printer can print sheets of paper in just a few minutes.

Its use is more efficient because the use of ink is not wasteful. The quality is also quite good for printing documents.

Unfortunately, this type of laser printer is large and expensive. So usually, only offices that have this printer machine because it requires to print a lot of documents.

HP printer drivers download is also necessary for LaserJet printers. So that the printer can be durable and work optimally.

  1. Plotters

Plotters are usually owned by digital printing companies. Because this printer aims to print stickers, large paper, Vinyl, and others.

This printer can print large banners, posters, stickers, cuttings, and others. This printer is quite expensive so it is only used by digital printing companies. The size is also very large and wasteful of ink.

  1. LED Printer

Almost similar to a LaserJet printer, this printer uses LED technology to print documents. This printer can also perform a scanning function.

LED printers are capable of printing documents with high-quality results. However, the price of LED printers is still more expensive than inkjet printers.

  1. Bubble Jet

For those of you who like to print photos, you need to have a bubble jet printer. Because this printer only requires a USB to directly connect to the camera. So, without using a computer.

To get film printouts, you need HP printer drivers download. So that this printer can be directly connected to your digital camera or smartphone camera.

Choosing the Best Water Purifier Technology


Water is a vital resource in human life. Some people are still consuming water from plastic packaging.

However, water from plastic packaging is not guaranteed to be clean. That’s why we recommend using a water purifier.

If you are looking for a water purifier, parker distributor Indonesia provides various types of water purifiers that can be an option for your home.

Why Should Use a Water Purifier?

Technology creates a water purifier so that we consume clean and healthy water every day. Because water is susceptible to bacteria, pesticides, lead, mercury, or other materials.

If we continue to consume water that is contaminated with chemicals, it will disrupt the health of our bodies.

A water purifier is here as a technological innovation so that we can drink clean and healthy water every day.

Type of Water Purifier Technology

There are several types of water purifiers that we can choose from, here is a list:

  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) Technology

This water purifier is the most popular, especially if your home has high Total Dissolved Salts (TDS). RO technology can eliminate harmful bacteria in-home drinking water.

RO can purify water caused by bacteria or chemicals. This technology will remove excess magnesium and calcium salts in the water.

Parker distributor Indonesia provides a water purifier using RO technology. You can choose this water purifier if your home has a high enough TDS level.

Unfortunately, this RO technology makes you much more wasteful. Because this machine will squeeze almost 50% of the water that is disposed of with the dirt.

  • Ultra Violet (UV) Technology

This water purifier that uses UV technology can destroy micro-organisms and pathogenic bacteria in the water. Bacteria such as salmonella, E. coli, and hepatitis can be eradicated by this technology.

UV light technology can destroy harmful bacteria that can cause disease. Because in the water without us knowing there are a lot of bacteria that we accidentally drink.

Of course, the use of a water purifier using UV light can make our bodies healthier. Mainly to protect children from disease.

UV light technology can destroy 99% of germs in the water. So that the water produced becomes pure and fresh.

  • Ultra Filtration (UF) Technology

This technology focuses on removing dirt and bacteria in the water. This advanced machine does not use electricity.

If you have a house with low TDS water, then you can use this UF technology water purifier.

  • Electro Adsorption Technology (EAT)

This technology uses five stages of purification and is available with and without electricity.

In this water purifier, the first stage will work to remove sand, mud, and dirt. After that this tool will remove dirt through the net.

After that, it will perform an electro-adhesion filter, which removes disease-causing dirt. The fourth stage will remove the metal content such as arsenic.

The final stage will remove harmful chemicals such as pesticides.

Parker distributor Indonesia provides all types of water purifier technology. Choose one which you need for your house. Make a healthy home and have clean water for the health of your family.

Handy Guides for Knowing Inkjet Printers Better

As times go by, technology becomes one of the most important aspects of our everyday lives. Technology is important for making our lives better and easier. There are a bunch of kinds of technology and one of them we have is a printer.

A printer is needed for making a hard copy of the documents, whether for work, completing assignments, and many more. But for making it work, the printer you have bought needs to be installed on your PC or laptop. It can be done by installing Logitech Treiber of its printer to your PC or laptop

There are some kinds of printers known so far, such as DotMatrix, Laserjet, and also Inkjet. However, the one that most people know is the Inkjet one. For some of you who have not known what it is, how it works, and all the things relate to it, this article will just help you knowing the Inkjet printer better.

What is Inkjet Printer?

Inkjet printer is a kind of printer that uses ink as the material for producing the hard copy of the document we are printed out. There are 2 cartridges inside; one for black ink and the other for coloured ink. The resolution it gives over the printed document gets so much better nowadays, around 9800dpi.

How Does It Work?

As it uses liquid ink, this kind of printer will just work by spreading the ink onto the paper throughout the nozzles. Further, it also has got a heather technology for drying the ink spread on the paper. So the ink on the printed document will just be dry as the heather helps it to dry faster in the process of printing.

The Pluses and Minuses

Of course, there are some pluses and minuses on some kinds of things. Here are the pluses and minuses of the Inkjet printer.


  1. Low-cost printer.
  2. It has got a small size, so it will be good for you who want to just have it for yourself at home.
  3. We can just easily connect our PC or laptop to the printer by installing the Logitech Treiber or driver on our PC or laptop.
  4. It will just be ready after we turn the power button on. We don’t need time to wait for it to be heated first before using it.


  1. It takes time for printing (slow). It will not suit you who want to print lots of documents as you will need more time to just have the printing process done.
  2. The small ink cartridge that needs to be changed often
  3. Its machine is kind of hard to be cleaned as it uses liquid ink.

Things We Need to Consider

  1. The size of its printer. Choose the one that fits the space that you have where you will put the printer.
  2. Choose the one that is easy to be installed and operated. The new printer usually needs to be installed first on your PC or laptop to connect. For doing it, we need to have a software driver like Logitech Treiber. You will usually get it in the package of the printer itself.

3 Great Ways To Support Our Teenagers for Using Technology With Mental Health

We cannot keep youth away from technology. Because they live in an era of all technology. Especially at this time where we are facing the covid pandemic, everything is done using technology.

Parents are increasingly worried that technology can damage teenagers’ mentality. Why?

Because the increasing use of technology can affect the physical and social well-being of our children. For example, when they play on social media, we cannot monitor what they are doing.

What we worry about is excessive use of social media or they have bad relationships with friends and their mental health is compromised.

Mental Health Is Important

Many people still underestimate mental health, especially teenagers. Adolescence is a time when their mental health is developing.

As parents, we must monitor and ensure that the mental health of our teenagers is fine. Especially nowadays, when they do everything online.

Excessive use of technology can make teenagers stressed and their mental health disturbed. They tend to be anti-social, depressed, and anxious.

Research shows that 53% of teens want to stay in touch with friends and family. Meanwhile, 43% of teens say social media tends to make them stressed and depressed.

Therefore, the use of social media in adolescents must be based on parental supervision. And we have to make sure how the mental condition of our children.

Supporting The Use Of Technology For Mental Health

There are many ways parents can support and align technology use with mental health. Here’s a summary:

  1. Understand That Technology Can Cope With Mental Health

Some teens use technology to stay in touch with friends and family. But you would not expect that a teenager also uses technology to find information about mental health.

Nearly 85% of adolescents said that they searched for health information using online media. and 86% of adolescents said they were greatly helped by the online health services they received.

Even though we worry about social media, it seems that our teenagers can use it very well. Information is everywhere and easy for them to get.

  1. Building Relationships and Connections with Technology

When teenagers use social media, when they post, share, and like each other’s posts is a moment where they are building connections and relationships.

Social media relationships can enhance their friendship. Some of them are friends of many teenagers around the world.

Of course, this is good news as well as worrying news for parents. Because they managed to build wide connections with many people.

But we are also worried that our teenagers’ online activities are inappropriate for them. If this is the case, we can still overcome and monitor them as long as the use of social media is not excessive.

  1. Make Family Rules About using Social Media and Technology

Not all families can overcome adolescent mental health problems, especially when using social media.

What other families apply is not necessarily suitable for use in your family. Make rules that are acceptable to your family.

For example, the rules when accessing social media, what social media platforms are allowed to be owned, and who is allowed to interact with our children on social media.

It is very important to involve our teenagers in accountability so that they also learn the meaning of responsibility in a relationship.

Pay attention to the balance of social media use with their mental health. Make sure we as parents also involve our teenagers in making rules.

So that they can express their opinions and we can hear their wishes if the rules are mutually agreed upon, then our teenagers can be more mentally healthy.

If our teenager’s mental health is fine, then we have nothing to worry about it.

5 Essentials Technology For Teacher in Virtual Class

Since the coronavirus hit the earth, almost all over the world schools have been conducted online. Teachers and students all try their best to keep up with online schools.

Teachers as much as possible should explain the subject matter very clearly and in detail so that students can understand it. The teachers also provide online instruction so that students can follow the lesson well.

Likewise, students are obliged to pay attention to the teacher when explaining via video call to understand the subject. Students are also required to prepare stationery to record important things given by the teacher.

Virtual Space For Study

Almost everyone now uses virtual technology to learn. One application that is commonly used for video calls is Zoom.

Zoom is very useful for the world of education because teachers can teach with available virtual rooms.

But all teachers have their level of difficulty when it comes to doing virtual lessons. Especially if our teachers from the previous generation have always taught in front of the class.

Many teachers need to adapt to be able to teach online. Some of the problems that teachers often face when teaching are problems with technology, sound and the children not listening.

Essentials Technology For Teachers In Virtual Learning

As a teacher, of course, we must improve the way we teach, especially online learning. We must switch the methods that have been applied to offline schools so far.

Here are some essential technologies that teachers must understand:

  1. Find a Place with the Best Lighting

One of the teacher’s successes in teaching online classes is the right lighting. If the teacher can place the camera at the right angle and get the best light, then students can see and hear.

Place the camera at the right angle. So when the teacher teaches, all students can see his face.

What the teacher is talking about can also be heard clearly. You can also buy a new webcam so that the video resolution displayed is much clearer.

So you can teach well and students can learn well.

  1. Looking for a Quiet Room

Teaching certainly requires a quiet room. The goal is that what we are talking about can be heard by students.

Avoid crowded places with noise such as the sound of vehicles, pets, and so on. Find a quiet place to teach.

To improve the quality of teaching, you can also buy a special headset so that the audio can be clearer. You can teach through a microphone so that your voice can be heard more clearly by students.

In addition, by using a headset or headphones, you can also hear students voices more clearly. So that during the lesson all students can receive learning well.

  1. Use Multiple Devices

Teaching online doesn’t just need one device. You can add an iPad or LCD for teaching.

The goal is that students can receive lessons better and you can present the material in various ways so that students understand it better.

  1. Use Visual Notes Technology

This technology is usually in the online form. You can ask students to download a visual notes app.

So that when the lesson is over, they can record what you talked about during the lesson. So that students can understand all the subject matter.

  1. Use Wireless Technology

Wireless technology is certainly needed because it facilitates mobility. Examples are wireless microphone and wireless headsets.

The number of cables that exist will interfere with your effectiveness in teaching because you can be distracted and cannot move freely. Especially if you need a whiteboard, then you need wireless technology to make mobility easier.

4 Tips To Improve The Background of Your Video Calls

The pandemic situation forces us to do everything online. Starting from online schools, online lectures to online meetings.

Almost everything we do use online video and uses applications like Zoom and Google Meeting. Without us knowing it, we have spent more than 1-year doing online activities.

Improve Video Call Background

In some activities such as school or formal meetings, of course, we have to pay attention to the background of our video calls.

Because the video call background can add to your professional value. Besides that, a good background also makes other video call participants interested.

Here are some tips to improve your video call background:

  1. Neat and Clean Background

One way to improve the appearance of the background during a video call is to find the right and clean background.

The video call background will look so big on the computer screen, so you need to look for a clean and fast background.

For example, you can put a background such as a bookshelf, painting, or cupboard that contains your plaque or collection. For school children, usually use a bookshelf background or sticky notes on the wall.

Also, make sure you neatly arrange the background that you want to use for the video call background. Make sure there are not many personal items that can interfere with the aesthetic value of your video call background.

Clean the background and clean it. Arrange your bookshelf or collection neatly. So that your appearance on video calls is getting better.

  1. Added Multiple Colors and Items

If you think the walls of your room are too plain, you can add some items such as frames or paintings. Also add some flashy colors, because otherwise white walls won’t look attractive on video calls.

Add items such as curtains or bookshelves so the background doesn’t look plain. Also, add some of your homemade decorations that can make your appearance more cheerful.

Keep in mind, video call backgrounds also don’t need to be too crowded and have lots of ornaments. You can add just a few ornaments so that the background doesn’t look boring.

  1. Don’t Get too Close to the Camera

It’s important to remember if we’re having a video conference call you don’t need to keep the camera on too close.

This will make your face appear bigger. But you also don’t need to put the camera far from your face because it will make the background look big.

Simply place the camera by adjusting your height. so that your face can be seen clearly and the background is also clearly visible.

Pay attention to the placement of the camera so you can have better video call quality.

  1. Choose the Best WebCam

Laptop cameras sometimes don’t have a good resolution. So you need to buy a new webcam that has a better resolution.

With a good quality webcam, you can get clearer video call quality. You can buy it at a computer store.

The better the quality of the webcam, the clearer your appearance on video calls will be.

Digital Way of Sending Appreciation Gifts to Our Teachers

A teacher is someone we need to appreciate. Especially in this pandemic era, all school activities are done online.

Of course, our teachers must have experienced difficulties that we never knew about. Therefore, as students, we must give appreciation to our teachers for trying hard all this time.

Give appreciation to our teachers. Especially during a pandemic like this, of course, our teachers experience many difficulties when teaching online classes.

Send Awards To Teachers With Punchbowl

Punchbowl is a digital card platform that can be sent quickly to teachers or loved ones. You can show them a little appreciation with this digital greeting card.

Sending a digital card is a safe way, especially now that we are advised not to meet many people and leave the house.

Here’s how to send a small appreciation to your teacher via a digital thank you card. Pay attention to the steps:

  1. Open the Punchbowl platform and select the “teacher award card” gallery
  2. You can choose a variety of thank you card designs for free
  3. Choose the design that you like the most, you can adjust the color and writing.
  4. After choosing the design you like, then you can fill in the message on the card. Messages can be in the form of text and videos of 2 minutes duration.
  5. Write down what you want to say to your teacher. In addition, you can include a video of your thanks with friends in a duration of 2 minutes.
  6. After you have written a thank you note and included a video, you can add a gift card.
  7. Gift cards are vouchers that you can choose from international online stores such as Sephora, Amazon, Peet’s Cofee, and others.
  8. You can send any gift card and it can be redeemed at any time without any expiration date.
  9. After selecting all, you can customize the design of the envelope starting from choosing stamps, stamps, and so on.
  10. After all, you can add your email address and teacher’s name.
  11. Then click “send”, then your teacher will receive a greeting card via email.

The Importance Of Giving Respect To Our Teachers

As a teacher, of course, I am very happy when given an award from her students. Because they feel meaningful and important to their students.

So as students who have to respect teachers, we should be able to give them a little appreciation. Awards in the form of digital greeting cards alone have made them happy.

Coordinate with classmates to make a thank you video. Because in difficult times like this, our teachers need our support.

When you make a thank you video with a classmate, he will feel appreciated and you can receive his services.

Even though you can’t buy shopping vouchers, just saying thank you makes him happy. So from now on try to appreciate all the efforts of the teachers because they have tried very hard to teach online classes. So reward them by sending a digital greeting card.