List of Books to Improve Teaching Skills

Being a teacher, of course, you must always have qualified skills, both in teaching and in knowledge. The skills and knowledge of teachers are sometimes tested by problems that exist in everyday life, for example, there is a question about how much does a 5 gallon bucket of water weigh, so as a professional teacher, you should be able to answer it easily.

List of Books That Can Be Used to Improve Teaching Skills

One way to know the right way of teaching is to look for sources of information via the internet. But do not rule out, to find a source other than a computer first. Following are some book recommendations that can be used as references to improve your teaching skills.

  1. Educational Psychology Book

Educational psychology books are books that are very useful for an educator or teacher. This is because this book contains information on the psychological development of students from elementary to adult levels. In other words, this book is a book that studies the phenomena of the soul and behavior of students.

The function of this book is to bridge the gap between the teacher and the characteristics and potential of each student, so that a teacher will update his teaching method so that it is easily accepted by students.

By knowing the conditions of the students and also the teacher’s policies and learning methods from the teacher or instructor, the teaching and learning outcomes are more effective and efficient.

  1. Teacher’s Role Deepening Book

As a teacher or educator, of course you have to give a positive response to all the content that will be delivered and also be able to answer daily questions that your students might ask, for example how much does a 5 gallon bucket of water weigh? The questions are simple but can be assessed positively by the students.

Several books on deepening the role of the teacher present a variety of methods with the aim that students can have many variations in their learning activities in the classroom. That way, they will not feel bored when they are in the classroom.

Books on deepening the role of the teacher have been proven to be able to improve the ability of teachers or instructors in educating students who are developing towards more positive things. That way, educators who need to improve skills in teaching can follow in the footsteps of their predecessors.

  1. Creative Teacher’s Book

Being a teacher who is wise and also has high creativity in teaching is certainly much liked by his students. The creativity of a teacher must always be honed so that students are always comfortable in participating in lessons and teaching while in the classroom.

Simply put, a teacher must be able to please his students or students when the teaching and learning process is taking place. The teacher does not act as a clown in the class, but becomes someone who can motivate, be creative and also use elegant ways.

For example, by using teaching aids in the form of technology or works of art that can be shown directly in front of students. In addition to increasing knowledge, this method will be much liked by students.

  1. Education System Book

The existence of an education system book is so that a teacher has a teaching and learning method that is in accordance with the curriculum that is in force and adapted to the vision and mission of the educational institution or school related to the teacher.

With the existence of a continuous teaching and curriculum system, all the achievements resulting from the education system will always be expected by all parties involved in the educational institution, including guardian parents.

  1. Hypnoteaching Book

This book is a book that contains learning methods on how to improve the optimality of students or students in learning. This optimization is obtained by inserting motivational words that can increase the attractiveness of students to always study hard.

To provide motivation to learn, as a teacher or teacher is not only to always make motivation. But you can also use simple methods such as providing knowledge and answering a question, for example how much does a 5 gallon bucket of water weigh? In this way, students will be more interested and of course add new insights to them.