Must Read Novel You Should Read

Some of us may have had the experience that we felt the story in the novel is talk about you or your life experiences. A view expressed in writing by the author is based on experience or a phenomenon that has a meaning that intersects with each other because many events are repetitions of past events that can be used as lessons or as a sign that we are not the only ones experiencing an event or incident. For those of you who are looking for novel recommendations, you can search at Cnovelholic.

When reading the novel, the reader will increase the level of performance in their brain significantly. Novel readers will have a trained memory and are also skilled in thinking. They must be able to imagine and process the context conveyed in written form so that they can be felt emotionally so that the experience of reading the story in the novel will be more felt and add value to life.

You can add to that value by looking for more novel recommendations so you can get more points of view and life lessons. Here are novel recommendations that you can also find at Cnovelholic:

This Time Tomorrow by Emma Straub

Are any of you ever thinking about going back to the past? The paradox is growing with an idea about fix the past is possible and always echoed by conspiracy lovers, and in a few moments, we will have time to feel an interest in the past that we might be able to change. What would you do if you could do it?

Emma Straub through the novel that she wrote and released in May 2022 invites readers to follow the story of Alice’s journey that woke up in 1996. Entering the age of 40, Alice lived a happy life until she faced a situation where her beloved father experiencing severe pain and he began to feel something strange or something missing from him.

It was from this incident that Emma Straub returned 40-year-old Alice to the time when she was 16 years old. What does Alice do when she wakes up to find herself back at the age of 16? Find the answer yourself by reading the novel or by visiting Cnovelholic.

The White by Tere Liye

Tere Liye fans will be very happy with this news. This novel entitled Si Putih is a best-selling novel in 2022. His work is always phenomenal.

The novel “The White” is an adventure series in a parallel world. This novel contains a story about a pandemic that spreads in an area with a clan that is quite isolated and does not experience technological progress. Interesting to find out how they survived the plague.

Not only that, but this novel also contains many other interesting stories that can make the reader get carried away. Curious how the full story, you can find the book as soon as possible and start reading or you can visit Cnovelholic for review.

Laut Bercerita by Leila S. Chudori

For those of you who like colossal stories or other histories from true stories, then you will be very compatible with the novel by Leila Chudori which is the recommendation for top novels in 2022, this is especially for those of you who love history.

Broadly speaking, this novel tells the story of historical fiction. This novel is a historical fiction story. Even so, Leila stated firmly that the facts written in the novel were based on research obtained from the survivors to be able to tell the historical events.

In the novel titled Laut Bercerita by Leila S. Chudori, when you read, you will be invited to reminisce about the stories and historical events of 1998 ago. At that time, Indonesia was undergoing an era of massive reform until the bitter events experienced by Indonesia at that time became global.

The content of this novel is very deep and full of meaning. Many stories are obtained from the narratives of the characters from the sea. They told me that many of their comrades had disappeared without knowing their fate during the New Order. Reading the story with the dark past will provide a valuable lesson for the reader. If you are interested, immediately look for the book at the nearest bookstore or visit