This Is a Great Way to Overcome Needle Anxiety

Maybe recently, our social media posts have been filled with family and friends posting photos of getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

But for some people, it turns out that these photos make anxiety and cause an excessive fear of needles. Needle anxiety is an excessive fear of needles experienced by some people.

Research shows that 25% of adults are afraid of needles. We have to get the vaccine to avoid the coronavirus.

How To Overcome Needle Anxiety

Excessive anxiety about syringes makes our vaccines become blocked. Even just looking at the injection marks, sometimes we feel very scared.

It turns out that there are some simple ways that we can do to overcome needle anxiety. Here’s what we can do:

  1. Make a Plan

Almost everyone who has needle anxiety will not want to get vaccinated for fear of needles. The Meg Foundation provides some tips that we can do to overcome the fear of needles.

Here are the planning steps for overcoming the fear of needles:

  • Speak To Yourself

Talk to yourself that you are not afraid and you will make yourself comfortable with the injection. Think that you need a vaccine for your health.

  • Take a Breathe

Take deep breaths to control your mind and body. Focus on breathing techniques so that when we are injected, we do not feel afraid.

  • Touch

find someone who can accompany you during the injection. Ask your friend to hold your arm.

  • Block

Hold the pain in your arm. Divert it with other things or talk to your friends.

  • Rewards

Give yourself a self-reward for being successfully injected and fighting needle anxiety. You can buy your favorite food or the thing you want.

  1. Take Action

Action is the key to conquering anxiety. If we have made a plan like the one above, it’s time for us to execute it with action.

Build trust with a syringe that all will be well. Needle anxiety is a common problem that many people experience.

We need not be ashamed of our fear of needles. Because many people are afraid.

One way is by following the Builder Vax Plan created by the Meg Foundation. This method is to encourage individuals to build a plan to overcome needle anxiety.

In this Builder Plan, we will be directed to make ourselves comfortable and overcome fear.

But above all, the most important thing for overcoming our fear is the belief that we can. If we are afraid, then we don’t know when we will get the vaccine.

Instill in ourselves the mindset that we are not afraid and we can get through this comfortably. It is very difficult to get through the fear, so give yourself a reward when you get through it.

Fear will have no end if we don’t fight it. Therefore, make a plan to overcome fear. Make yourself trust the person who injected you and trust that everything will be fine.

Take the loved ones to accompany you to inject vaccines so you feel safe and comfortable.