Taking Care of Your Motorcycle

Motorcycle maintenance is a must thing to do for a biker. Regular maintenance will keep the motorcycle away from many troubles, especially related to the engine and oil. Let’s say that you have a Vespa sidecar, then you have to maintain it regularly by checking engine, engine oil replacement, and many other Vespa stuff. This maintenance will make sure your motorcycle performs in a good condition for a very long time.

How to Care for your Motorcycle

There are several things to do when it comes to motorcycle maintenance. Do this stuff and your motorcycle will be excellent every day!

  • Get to Know about Your Motorcycle in Deeper Knowledge

The first thing to do to care about your motorcycle is by knowing deeper about your motorcycle. The more you know about your motorcycle, you will likely understand better the potential problem that will happen in the future. Read the manual guide, or join the motorcycle clubs to get more knowledge.

  • Maintain Brake Pads Regularly

Always keep your brake pads effective, which means, make sure your brake pads are thick enough. Brake pads tend to thin out from time to time, and when it becomes really thin, it may lead to a fatal accident. So, always check the brake pads regularly to prevent something bad in the street.

  • Maintain the Oil Regularly

The oil is the essential maintenance of a motorcycle which can lead to major issues if not changed regularly. Oil will make sure the engine works perfectly, the chain goes well, and much other stuff. Maintaining oil regularly is a must for a motorcycle owner.

  • Always Check the Tires

Do regular checks on your motorcycle tires since they play an important role for your motorcycle to perform effectively. When you do a monthly regular check-up, look for potential major damage, such as cracks, holes, and scratches, and ensure that the tread pressure and depth are within the recommended range.

  • Coolant Replacement and Maintenance

If your Vespa sidecar uses the coolant, you need to check this regularly as well. The engine of your motorcycle relies on liquid coolant to smoothly control temperature changes and prevent damage. The coolant should be replaced approximately every two years. As with many vehicle fluids, if your bike is moved frequently and for a long time, the engine coolant can speed up and run out.

  • Chain Maintenance is Crucial

The chain is an important part to make the tires spin perfectly. Since the chain does not need to be replaced frequently, but you still need to do regular checks up on this part. Make sure your chain is well-lubricated to make sure it lasts longer. Also, check the tension of the chain for better motorcycle performance.

  • Clean the Air Filter on a Regular Basis

The recommended phase for air filter maintenance is every 6000 miles (approximately 10.000 km). Air filters play an important role in protecting the most crucial internal components of the engine from particles that may damage them in the airborne (especially dust).

Yep, those are some ways to care for your motorcycle. If you have a Vespa sidecar, make sure you maintain it regularly to get maximum performance of it!