How Desktop Printer Technology Has Changed

Printers are one of the technologies that currently play an important role as print media for a document. What’s more, there are so many types of printers that can now be used, for example, by using the Canon printer driver to run the printer according to the instructions that we provide.

Early Development of Printing

In the 14th century in China, printing techniques have begun to be developed. But unfortunately, its development is not so fast because the complicated Chinese alphabet is the main obstacle. So that developments in Europe experienced the opposite of developments in China.

The development of the printing press in Europe could grow much more rapidly around 1945. Johannes Gutenburg was an important figure who took an important part in the development of cities in Europe. Where he had to make a machine that can transfer ink to the surface of the paper evenly.

Printer Development

By looking at the various types of printers on the market today, maybe some of you are curious about what kind of printer was used for the first time. Know that it turns out that the printer that was first used by many people was the IBM 300.

The IBM 300 printer is a printer that combines laser technology and electrophotography. For the quality or ability of this printer, it is also not kidding because it turns out to be able to provide 100 views per minute.

Multiple Printer Type

With the development of technology, of course, the development of printers can grow rapidly. An example is the use of the Canon printer driver to run one of the latest printers. For this reason, there are currently various types of printers that can be used, see the following information to find out.

  • Daisy Wheel Printers

We are sure you will feel familiar with this type of printer. This is because currently, this type of printer is quite rare. Where its use was only popular in the past few centuries.

This type of printer is a command that uses a wheel with numbers and letters as the main driver. The system works quite slowly is the main weakness of this printer. However, this can be covered by the excellent printing quality.

  • Dot Matrix Printers

This type of printer can certainly be found easily for those of you who often shop at a supermarket. Because this type of printer is indeed used to print purchase receipts because the process is fast.

This printer uses a ribbon as a color source so that the color output is quite limited. Unlike the printer that uses ink. One of its main characteristics is that the printing process is noisy and the printouts are not high resolution.

  • Inkjet Printer

The last printer that is currently the most widely used and easy to find is the inkjet printer. This printer is a printing machine that uses ink as the main source for color.

The way it works is by printing according to the line as instructed by the computer so that it can print an image or text as instructed by the computer. Commands like this must be run using a driver such as a Canon printer driver.