Things to Avoid for Successful Music Career

Starting your career in the music industry can be a challenging, and daunting task. Many things may affect your success such as raw talents, hard work, business savvy, and many more. If you want to start delving into the music industry, either as a musician, singer, or music producer, there are many things you need to know, and always consider. Read more info all about Mp3 and music here in mp3juice.

To get better success in the music industry, you need to know your chances, your opportunity, and also of course hard work. Music industries can be challenging, and might not be for everyone, therefore you need to know your place, and know your potential to get started in the music industry. To help you start your music career, here are 5 things that might kill your chances of getting success in your music career.

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Tips to start your career as a musician

Most people don’t know that many amateur musicians always self-sabotaging their career, due to living in constant fear and hesitation. Fear of the music isn’t well-received; hesitate about your career path. Fear and hesitation are always the reason why people hold back when they start their music career.

Many people also thought that the reason for their failure is about lack of musical talent, lack of industry connections, lack of money, lack of opportunities, and more. The number one reason for failure and things that kill your chances of success is fear and hesitation. Here are 5 fears of musicians when they start their music career.

  • Fear of Going Broke with Music Career

When you are telling your parents, family or your friends that you are going to start a music career, some of them might say like this “You should get a better job” “You can never be rich and make good money by being a musician” or “Musician are failed person with no degree”.

Because of this stereotype, many people are avoiding career paths as a musician, starting their careers, and seeking a better-paying job. However, the truth is, if you know what you are doing, and especially DO those actions, you can get financially stable in the music business.

  • Fear of Failure

Fear of failure is always lurking whenever you are starting new, especially starting a new career path. Yes, it is true, many things and failures can happen to you during your music career. Many things might become your fear such as, you are too old to start a music career, don’t have a music degree, your musical style is not popular in your region, and many things.

Facing your fear, and always believing in you can be the key to facing the fear of failure here. Never seek to blame and excuse. Any failure happens because of you, either lack of hardworking, or lack of opportunities. More info and interesting music here in mp3juice.

  • Fear of Success 

Some might say why people fear success? It is strange to think about it. But in reality, many people are fearful and thinking hard about what they will do once they are a success, and change their life. Changing lifestyles, and worrying about how their lives will change is one reason that many amateur musicians self-sabotaging their career.

  • Fear of Being Screwed and Dictated by Record Company, Executives, and Promoters

Music industries are full of musicians, and talents that claim to be ‘Screwed up’ by executives, or companies. Either by making musicians sign an unfair contract, problems with executives, refusing to pay money than they are owed, or scandalous problems. Stories like this make many amateur musicians hesitant to get into the world of recording and professional musicians.

  • Fear about lack of talent

You might realize that talents play quite a huge role in the music industry. Looking at the young talented singer, while you are getting old and still stuck in your music career might be depressing, however, there are sayings that hard work beats talents if talent isn’t hard-working enough, if you can’t beat them by talents alone, that means you need to work extra hard.

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