The Evolution of Listening and Creating Music

Music is an integral part of human life since ancient times. We have a habit of listening to music when celebrating happiness, coping with sadness, or simply absorbing a mood. As technology develops, platforms for listening to music are becoming more sophisticated, one clear proof is Tubidy Mp3 download.

Evidence That Technology Has an Impact on the Music Industry

The development of digital technology and the internet has brought major changes to the music industry. This greatly affects many things such as genres, music listening platforms, musical instruments, music-making devices, and so on.

But what needs to be remembered, the changes that occur due to advances in digital technology must be addressed wisely. Industry players must learn and understand the use of digital technology to make music, produce, promote, distribute, and make money from their work. Adaptations must be made to continue to survive.

Here are some proofs of how technology has changed the music industry like now.

1.      Streaming Music

Music streaming is one of the most prominent technological innovations in the music industry. Services such as YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal allow consumers to listen to millions of songs online, without having to buy physical records or download songs. This also makes it easy for singers or songwriters to get royalties.

2.      Modern Musical Instruments

Electric guitars, electric drums, and digital pianos are examples of musical instruments that have been influenced by technological developments. If in the past there were only rhythmic musical instruments and without electricity, now musical instruments that use advanced technology have emerged, such as keyboards and DJ controllers.

3.      Sales of Physical Albums

With advances in technology and the popularity of streaming music, sales of physical albums have started to dwindle. Many musicians and labels have reduced or even stopped producing physical albums.

4.      Unlimited Music

Technology allows consumers to listen to music anytime and anywhere. Consumers can access music through their mobile phones, tablets, laptop or computers, without having to purchase physical records or download songs.

However, you can still download songs if you want to listen to music offline. Just download the song you want via Tubidy Mp3 download for free.

5.      Monetize Music

Music streaming helps musicians and labels generate revenue through royalties from each song played. This opens up new opportunities for new musicians and makes the music monetization process easier.

Nowadays, it is very rare to find pirated CDs, cassettes, or mp3 sellers. This is due to easier access to music, one of which is through the YouTube channel.

6.      Music and Social Media

Technology has also helped music spread widely through social media. Musicians can promote their work and reach millions of fans through platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and also TikTok.

The development of this technology is very profitable, of course. Listening to music or making music feels more practical and easy. One of the conveniences of listening to music is downloading songs via Tubidy Mp3 Download anywhere and anytime via a cellphone or computer.

Benefits Of Martial Arts Education For Children

Martial arts are often underestimated by some people because these skills are often associated with bullying or violence, even though martial arts are very important to learn. Teach your children a complete list of martial arts styles, because there are many benefits to be had, especially for growth and development.

Studying Martial Arts as an Anticipatory Step

Acts of bullying and sexual harassment often occur in the school environment, and even kidnapping can occur. These crimes make parents afraid and anxious about their children’s condition when they are not together. For better preparation, you can teach your child martial arts as a precaution.

It’s not aimed at making your child the best at fighting or teaching him/ her to be violent at school but as protection.

The Benefits Of Martial Arts For Kids

Not only good physically, but martial arts are also good for psychological or mental health. These are some of the benefits of learning martial arts from an early age.

1.      Prevent bullying

Having martial arts skills will change the intentions of friends at school, one of which is a desire to bully. If someone had good martial arts, it would make people think twice when they wanted to bully that person.

2.      Get fit

Training children to master a complete list of martial arts styles is one of the most appropriate physical activities for children. By practicing martial arts, you can make your heart healthy and burn calories. Learning martial arts can also strengthen bones, strengthen muscles and increase stamina.

If your child regularly practices martial arts, it can make your child stronger and healthier.

3.      Maintain ideal body weight

If our child is fat, it is adorable and funny. But obesity can affect a person’s health. Don’t get used to children using gadgets for too long.

If children’s activities are mostly playing with gadgets, then it can make children feel lazy to do activities. In the end, can increase the risk of obesity. Learning martial arts is important for children. Besides being able to burn calories, this physical activity can also control weight.

4.      Great for confidence

By mastering self-defense, a child’s self-confidence can increase dramatically. In addition to self-confidence because of his physique, will develop several other self-confidence. Confidence is an important characteristic of children.

By learning martial arts, your child will get support and motivation to be successful in training.

5.      Improve motor skills

In martial arts, you will often use your hands and feet. The movements of hands and feet can have a good effect on motor skills. By diligently practicing martial arts, coordination of children’s movements can be more agile and fast.

Motoric abilities can make it easier for children to carry out various other activities, including being able to reduce the possibility of injury. Those are some of the benefits of learning a complete list of martial arts styles for children.

There are still many other benefits that your child can get if he/ she learns self-defense from an early age. Don’t forget to remind your child to use self-defense skills wisely, martial arts are not used for violence.

Basic Differences Between Laser And LED Printer

The printer has the main function as a document maker, printer technology continues to develop to meet the needs of its users. Laser printers have been replaced with advanced technology from inkjet systems with the printer driver, then some printers rely on an LED system for the printing process.

What Is An Inkjet Printer?

Before we discuss the differences between LED and laser printers, let’s first find out what is meant by an inkjet printer. This type of printer is the most popular compared to other types of printers, inkjet printers are also the most frequently used.

Inkjet printers appeared for the first time in 1953. The printing process on inkjet printers uses ink in cartridges, generally, there are 2 cartridges for an inkjet printer. Each cartridge contains colored ink and black ink.

This printer works with a print head that moves with a motor, then sprays ink onto the paper and is pulled by a roller. The next process is that the motor stops for a moment, and the print head sprays ink based on the color and shape of the document.

The advantage of an inkjet printer is supported by print image technology. The price of this printer is also more affordable for the product price and maintenance costs.

These Are The Differences Between Laser Printers And LED Printers

If you already understand what is meant by an inkjet printer and printer driver, read the following discussion about the differences between LED printers and laser printers.

1.      Laser Printer

We might be able to quickly find out from the name of this printer, a laser printer. This type of printer uses a laser as a document printing method. So you need to understand, different types of printers, and different work processes. Unlike inkjet printers, the workings of laser printers utilize electrostatics.

There is one part of a laser printer, the Photoreceptor Drum. This component has a positive charge from the PCR (Primary Charging Roller). In the next process, the printer shines light onto Photoreceptor Drum using the mirror inside.

The mirror functions as a light reflector so that dots are formed to produce images and documents.

2.      LED Printer

The LED printer is the newest compared to the two printers above. LED printers have technology and work processes that are similar to laser printers. But laser printers will use reflected light, while LED printers use diodes. The function of the diode is to emit light so that it can print text on the paper you want to print.

This printer may be difficult to find because this one technology is indeed quite new. Not all electronics manufacturers or companies produce LED printers.

Which Is Best Between LED, Laser, And Inkjet Printer?

If you want a printer for your home needs, and only print pictures or documents a few times, you can choose an inkjet printer. Apart from supporting photo printing, this printer is also cheaper.

But if you print documents quite often, such as when working in an office, the type of printer you can choose is between an LED printer and a laser printer. LED printers make it easier for you to maintain with a simple printer driver. Meanwhile, components in a laser printer are quite complex, especially the reflecting mirror component of that laser printer.

Best Colleges To Pursue Baseball Career

The height of Aaron Judge, the college he attended, the story behind the success, well, you name it. All that might be the information you’re searching right now to search the best college to pursue career in baseball.

Well, check out the universities that have a track record of attracting and developing some of today’s most important athletes.

Although it is obvious that this rating is purely subjective, a variety of aspects were taken into account. The overall number of major league players produced and the caliber of those players (All-Star selections, Hall of Famers, etc.) were among the factors taken into account for this article, with a preference given to more recent success.

Here are the top 7 college to attend to pursue baseball career.


Hall of Famers: 2 (Tom Seaver, Randy Johnson)
Others of note: Mark McGwire, Dave Kingman, Fred Lynn, Bret Boone, Barry Zito, Aaron Boone

The decision to deny USC from taking the top slot was quite difficult. Naturally, Seaver and Johnson are among the best pitchers of all time in terms of dominance.

It’s not difficult to argue that USC deserves the top prize when you consider McGwire’s (583 career home runs), Lynn’s (1975 AL MVP and Rookie of the Year), Kingman’s (442 home runs), and the Boone brothers. Although USC has had more players reach The Show, Arizona State has the advantage in terms of overall players picked (455-351). (122-115).

Arizona State

Hall of Famers: 1 (Reggie Jackson)
Others of note: Barry Bonds, Dustin Pedroia, Ian Kinsler, Rick Monday, Sal Bando, Bob Horner

Arizona State has a strong history of generating MLB talent, while only having produced one Hall of Famer. No school has produced more big league home runs than the Sun Devils, who also have the most MLB All-Star choices (with Bonds’ 762 career home runs setting the standard).

Other All-Stars to emerge in the future from ASU include Paul Lo Duca (four), Pedroia (four choices), , Jason Kipnis (two), Andre Ethier (two), and Bando (four), among others.

Jackson and Bonds, who have each been an All-Star 14 times, are also alumni. Jim Palmer, a hall of famer, too temporarily enrolled at ASU before signing a professional deal and putting on his cleats for the collegiate level. More than any other institution, the ASU have trained four No. 1 overall choices in the Major League Baseball Draft.


Hall of Famers: N/A
Others of note: Sonny Gray, Walker Buehler, Bryan Reynolds, David Price, Dansby Swanson, Rip Sewell

Several more worth mentioning are Sonny Gray, Walker Buehler, Bryan Reynolds, David Price, Dansby Swanson and Rip Sewell.

As it continues to produce MLB talent, Vanderbilt is sure to move up this ranking in the years to come. The most of any school in the nation, the Commodores had 11 former players on Opening Day rosters last season.

Swanson and Price, two current No. 1 overall choices, were both produced by the institution. Additionally, Gray and Buehler have contributed to Vanderbilt’s image as a pitching powerhouse. In the 2021 MLB Draft, the university had two pitchers selected in the top 10. (Jack Leiter at No. 2 and Kumar Rocker at No. 10).


Hall of Famers: 3 (Barry Larkin, Charles Gehringer, George Sisler)
Others of note: Bill Freehan, Jake Cronenworth, Steve Howe, Jim Abbott, Rich Hill.

Sisler played from 1915 to 1930, Gehringer’s 19-year career ran from 1924 to 1942, and the Wolverines enjoy the distinction of being the only school with three Hall of Famers, despite the fact that two of the three started their careers well before World War II.

Not that the school hasn’t recently turned out any talented individuals. Larkin was chosen for the 2012 class of the Hall of Fame. A 17-year career has been carved out for Hill. Cronenworth was an All-Star in ’21 and was in second place for the NL Rookie of the Year Award in 2020.


Hall of Famers: N/A
Others of note: DJ LeMahieu, Albert Belle, Kevin Gausman, Alex Bregman, Aaron Nola

Certainly, LSU has made a significant impact on the MLB environment today. In both 2018 and 2019, Bregman was in the top 5 of the AL MVP vote. LeMahieu followed suit in both 2019 and 2020. In 2018 and 20, Nola received a portion of the NL Cy Young Award votes. In ’21, Gausman was given Cy Young consideration.


Hall of Famers: 2 (Dave Winfield, Paul Molitor)
Others of note: Glen Perkins, Denny Neagle, Terry Steinbach

As one of the few universities that have produced several Hall of Famers from the major leagues, the Gophers are in exclusive company. Molitor was chosen three years after Winfield in the class of 2001.

Winfield was a standout at Minnesota not just on the basketball court but also on the baseball diamond, where the Golden Gophers competed. As for Molitor, who arrived a few years later and established a strong collegiate career of his own before being selected third overall and going on to play in the Major Leagues for 21 years.


Hall of Famers: N/A
Others of note: Huston Street, Roger Clemens, Corey Knebel, Brandon Belt, Pinky Higgins, Burt Hooton

With seven Cy Young Awards throughout a 24-year career, an MLB record, Clemens is undoubtedly the star of this story. Other big leaguers All-Star-caliber from the Longhorns, though, include Belt (167 home runs), Street (324 career saves), and Hooton (151 victories), among others.

Those are 7 best colleges to pursue career in football. Now, you won’t have to search for height of Aaron Judge, and other baseball stars to follow their path because we have compiled them for you in above post.

List of Books to Improve Teaching Skills

Being a teacher, of course, you must always have qualified skills, both in teaching and in knowledge. The skills and knowledge of teachers are sometimes tested by problems that exist in everyday life, for example, there is a question about how much does a 5 gallon bucket of water weigh, so as a professional teacher, you should be able to answer it easily.

List of Books That Can Be Used to Improve Teaching Skills

One way to know the right way of teaching is to look for sources of information via the internet. But do not rule out, to find a source other than a computer first. Following are some book recommendations that can be used as references to improve your teaching skills.

  1. Educational Psychology Book

Educational psychology books are books that are very useful for an educator or teacher. This is because this book contains information on the psychological development of students from elementary to adult levels. In other words, this book is a book that studies the phenomena of the soul and behavior of students.

The function of this book is to bridge the gap between the teacher and the characteristics and potential of each student, so that a teacher will update his teaching method so that it is easily accepted by students.

By knowing the conditions of the students and also the teacher’s policies and learning methods from the teacher or instructor, the teaching and learning outcomes are more effective and efficient.

  1. Teacher’s Role Deepening Book

As a teacher or educator, of course you have to give a positive response to all the content that will be delivered and also be able to answer daily questions that your students might ask, for example how much does a 5 gallon bucket of water weigh? The questions are simple but can be assessed positively by the students.

Several books on deepening the role of the teacher present a variety of methods with the aim that students can have many variations in their learning activities in the classroom. That way, they will not feel bored when they are in the classroom.

Books on deepening the role of the teacher have been proven to be able to improve the ability of teachers or instructors in educating students who are developing towards more positive things. That way, educators who need to improve skills in teaching can follow in the footsteps of their predecessors.

  1. Creative Teacher’s Book

Being a teacher who is wise and also has high creativity in teaching is certainly much liked by his students. The creativity of a teacher must always be honed so that students are always comfortable in participating in lessons and teaching while in the classroom.

Simply put, a teacher must be able to please his students or students when the teaching and learning process is taking place. The teacher does not act as a clown in the class, but becomes someone who can motivate, be creative and also use elegant ways.

For example, by using teaching aids in the form of technology or works of art that can be shown directly in front of students. In addition to increasing knowledge, this method will be much liked by students.

  1. Education System Book

The existence of an education system book is so that a teacher has a teaching and learning method that is in accordance with the curriculum that is in force and adapted to the vision and mission of the educational institution or school related to the teacher.

With the existence of a continuous teaching and curriculum system, all the achievements resulting from the education system will always be expected by all parties involved in the educational institution, including guardian parents.

  1. Hypnoteaching Book

This book is a book that contains learning methods on how to improve the optimality of students or students in learning. This optimization is obtained by inserting motivational words that can increase the attractiveness of students to always study hard.

To provide motivation to learn, as a teacher or teacher is not only to always make motivation. But you can also use simple methods such as providing knowledge and answering a question, for example how much does a 5 gallon bucket of water weigh? In this way, students will be more interested and of course add new insights to them.

How To Relax While Traveling Around Bali

Bali is Indonesia’s most popular island tourism destination, with a high tourist demand. Everyone, both inside and outside the country, desires to visit this location. Many people believe that a vacation to Bali will be expensive because of its height and demand.

Hotel rates are high, food prices are exorbitant, and aircraft ticket prices are equally extravagant. However, there are numerous methods to save money on a Bali holiday, especially if you’ve never been there before. You will require holiday tips to Bali in order to effectively spend money while still having a good vacation, one of which is hire driver in Bali.

Beginner’s Bali Travel Tips

Many visitors who return from vacations on the island of Bali become bankrupt because the charges are prohibitively expensive. As a result, you should read these holiday recommendations to avoid experiencing the same situation.

Holidays are not usually associated with high costs. There are numerous ways to save money on your vacation, but don’t sacrifice your enjoyment.

The following are some techniques to save money. Let’s check out the hints and tips!

Planning Ahead Of Time For Plane Tickets

The following Bali vacation tip for novices is to reserve flight tickets and lodging ahead of time. On the internet, you can look for cheap tickets using various travel programs.

Ticket rates typically fluctuate on a daily basis, depending on hotel and airline restrictions. As a result, keep an eye on travel apps at all times. Who knows, you might be able to take advantage of cheap plane tickets and accommodation specials.

Vacation During The Off-Season

A low season is a period when there are fewer visitors to a destination or tourist attraction. Because there aren’t many people who travel during this time of year. There are various reasons that contribute to the visitor quiet season.

If you truly desire to take a vacation and rejuvenate yourself. Never take a vacation on weekends or during peak season. For example, during school or national holidays. All prices in peak season can be two or even three times higher than in low season. Prices for lodging, flights, and so on.

Furthermore, holidays during the off season are the most fun. The benefit is that all tourist sites such as beaches, malls, and museums are not overcrowded, hotel room rental costs are substantially lower, and there are no traffic jams while going.

Select Low-Cost Travel Destinations

Bali is a tourist destination with a wide range of tourist attractions. Starting with low-cost tourist destinations and progressing to medium- to high-priced admission fees. This time, consider cheap or even free tourist attractions for your Bali holiday. Tourist attractions such as Nusa Dua Waterblow, Kuta Beach, Marigold Flower Fields and Kelan Beach are free to enter.

If this is your first trip, it is best to start with the most common and popular destinations. Despite the fact that they are considered low-cost or free tours, the destinations mentioned above are no less interesting or remarkable than other tourist attractions. Make a calendar or itinerary of visits to tourist places to make the most of your time there.

Rent A Car And A Driver For Transportation

There are undoubtedly many tourist attractions in Bali that you will wish to visit. As we all know, there are appealing tourist spots nearly everywhere on this island. A vehicle is required if you want to travel from one tourist attraction to another.

This is due to the fact that some tourist destinations are too far away to visit on foot. You will, at the very least, use public transportation, such as taxis or online taxis. So, renting a car and hire driver in Bali will substantially assist in relaxing while on vacation. Furthermore, you will save money on travel expenses.

Dine On The Streets

Don’t be embarrassed to eat food sold by street sellers. This vendor on the Indonesian island of Bali consistently keeps his food clean. You will also spend far less than you would at a tourist site. Eat something before going to a tourist attraction.

Because this is your first vacation, you may be interested in visiting an expensive Beach Club. You might fill your stomach before going to the Beach Club to avoid spending too much money there. So you may order mocktails or juice and a few appetizers at that tourist trap. This will significantly reduce your expenses.

Souvenirs Can Be Purchased In Traditional Markets.

Finally, if you want to buy souvenirs for friends and family, avoid shopping malls and shops. Souvenirs can be purchased in traditional marketplaces such as Kuta Art Market and Pasar Sukowati.

All forms of Balinese souvenirs are accessible here in full. You don’t have to be concerned about not being able to find what you’re looking for. Aside from being comprehensive, the price given will astound you. All souvenirs are really inexpensive. Some of them may even be available for the lowest feasible cost.

Well, those are all of tips to relax and enjoy your travel in Bali. For first-timers, you should really hire driver in Bali to make sure that you are safe and relax while traveling around Bali.

Must Read Novel You Should Read

Some of us may have had the experience that we felt the story in the novel is talk about you or your life experiences. A view expressed in writing by the author is based on experience or a phenomenon that has a meaning that intersects with each other because many events are repetitions of past events that can be used as lessons or as a sign that we are not the only ones experiencing an event or incident. For those of you who are looking for novel recommendations, you can search at Cnovelholic.

When reading the novel, the reader will increase the level of performance in their brain significantly. Novel readers will have a trained memory and are also skilled in thinking. They must be able to imagine and process the context conveyed in written form so that they can be felt emotionally so that the experience of reading the story in the novel will be more felt and add value to life.

You can add to that value by looking for more novel recommendations so you can get more points of view and life lessons. Here are novel recommendations that you can also find at Cnovelholic:

This Time Tomorrow by Emma Straub

Are any of you ever thinking about going back to the past? The paradox is growing with an idea about fix the past is possible and always echoed by conspiracy lovers, and in a few moments, we will have time to feel an interest in the past that we might be able to change. What would you do if you could do it?

Emma Straub through the novel that she wrote and released in May 2022 invites readers to follow the story of Alice’s journey that woke up in 1996. Entering the age of 40, Alice lived a happy life until she faced a situation where her beloved father experiencing severe pain and he began to feel something strange or something missing from him.

It was from this incident that Emma Straub returned 40-year-old Alice to the time when she was 16 years old. What does Alice do when she wakes up to find herself back at the age of 16? Find the answer yourself by reading the novel or by visiting Cnovelholic.

The White by Tere Liye

Tere Liye fans will be very happy with this news. This novel entitled Si Putih is a best-selling novel in 2022. His work is always phenomenal.

The novel “The White” is an adventure series in a parallel world. This novel contains a story about a pandemic that spreads in an area with a clan that is quite isolated and does not experience technological progress. Interesting to find out how they survived the plague.

Not only that, but this novel also contains many other interesting stories that can make the reader get carried away. Curious how the full story, you can find the book as soon as possible and start reading or you can visit Cnovelholic for review.

Laut Bercerita by Leila S. Chudori

For those of you who like colossal stories or other histories from true stories, then you will be very compatible with the novel by Leila Chudori which is the recommendation for top novels in 2022, this is especially for those of you who love history.

Broadly speaking, this novel tells the story of historical fiction. This novel is a historical fiction story. Even so, Leila stated firmly that the facts written in the novel were based on research obtained from the survivors to be able to tell the historical events.

In the novel titled Laut Bercerita by Leila S. Chudori, when you read, you will be invited to reminisce about the stories and historical events of 1998 ago. At that time, Indonesia was undergoing an era of massive reform until the bitter events experienced by Indonesia at that time became global.

The content of this novel is very deep and full of meaning. Many stories are obtained from the narratives of the characters from the sea. They told me that many of their comrades had disappeared without knowing their fate during the New Order. Reading the story with the dark past will provide a valuable lesson for the reader. If you are interested, immediately look for the book at the nearest bookstore or visit

Most Common Health Issues for Millennials

Most common health issues for millennials are prevalent these days. If you are looking for some healthy non dairy creamer supplier, authentic from Indonesia, then you have come to the right place. This article is brought to you by our health creamer companies. If you want more information regarding business inquiries, and wanted to know about our products, see our official website here.

These days, a healthy lifestyle has become quite popular, especially among millennial generations, as well as many young people all around the world. A healthy lifestyle isn’t just about showing your veganism, or strict dietary exercises, but having a healthy lifestyle can also be considered an investation for your old days.

Many people are suffering from many health issues, including diabetic diseases, heart diseases, cancer, and many more. For many young generations, many millennials also suffer from many common health issues, caused by an unhealthy lifestyle of the modern era, in this article, we will show you most of the common health issues for Millennials. delivered by our healthy non dairy creamer supplier.

These Are 4 Most Common Health Issues for Millennials

These common health issues are mostly caused by an unhealthy lifestyle, lack of exercise, bad diets, and some might even cause by a lack of antibodies. These days, having a healthy lifestyle might not be the easiest as there are many leisure and unhealthy lifestyle. These are the 5 most common health issues that many young generations suffer.

  • Obesity

If you take a look at modern foods and drinks, especially junk foods and instant foods, there are a staggering amount of sugar and calorie inside it. From your coffee, energy drink, milk, and your burger, there are a surprising amount of sugar contents inside of it. This increasing amount of sugar results in increasing cases of obesity with a terrifying amount of increases each year.

Obesity can cause many health problems, including diabetes problems, increases in blood pressure, heart diseases, and many more. To prevent obesity, people need to reduce their daily sugar intake, exercise more, and watch out for their calorie intake.

  • Diabetic diseases

Diabetic is a pretty common disease, and it is also 70% hereditary disease, so if the parents have a case of diabetes, 70% case of their children could get Diabetic diseases. Diabetics are a disease of blood sugar levels, where the blood can’t produce natural insulin due to abnormal levels of blood sugar. This results in a blood clots, and many other health problems.

Diabetic diseases are one of the most dangerous diseases that kill more than 60% of children patients. However, today it could be prevented via insulin injections.

  • Heart Disease

Heart diseases are one of the number one killer diseases in the world. As more than 1.000.000 people suffer from heart diseases every year. Not just older people that suffer from heart disease, but also younger generations are starting to suffer from it.

To prevent heart diseases, healthy dietary restrictions, exercises, and consuming multivitamins are needed to keep your health in top shape. One way to prevent it is by reducing calorie and sugar intake, and by changing your coffee creamer with a healthy non dairy creamer supplier.

  • Cancer

Cancer is also one of the most common diseases, however, it is still one of the hardest incurable diseases in the world. It could only be cured through hard chemotherapy and not many clean and easy ways to cure cancer up to this day.

Whenever you need a natural healthy non dairy creamer supplier for your business, we can provide it for you. Natural non-dairy creamer for groceries, and wholesale, available for experts all around the world, contact us to make business inquiries. Visit our official website here to get more information about natural healthy creamer suppliers from Indonesia.

Learn to Draw with Easy Step-by-Step Tutorials

Drawing can certainly be a good activity to relieve stress. Drawing itself is indeed a good hobby that is fun to do. Today we are going to help you to learn to draw in an easy step by steps, especially if you want to try animal drawing ideas. This article might be very helpful for you.

Important Tips to Help you Improve your Drawing Skills

We will give you some tips before we learn how to draw something. Before we move to learn to draw with easy step-by-step tutorials and having some animal drawing ideas you must know about a few tips that you can use to help you improve your drawing skills.

There are many ways that you can do to make yourself better at drawing. Of course, skills such as drawing must always be honed to make an extraordinary change in your drawing ability. That’s why we will try to give any of you who like drawing some tips that can be very helpful for you so that you can draw much better than before. Before we talk about animal drawing ideas here are some tips that you might like to know, to help you improve your drawing skill.

  1. You Must Get the Right Setup

A very good drawing will begin with a good setup. The first thing is, that you must invest in a drawing board that must be larger than the paper you work with. You also need to make sure that the line of sight is perpendicular to the board. To help you get the correct angle, you can try to rest your board on your knees, and also you can prop it up against the table edge.

  1. You Must Break the Subjects Down into Shapes

If you want to improve your drawing skill, you must always observe images very closely, this will help you to understand the shapes that make the objects. This could be something essential if you want to make stylized illustrations.

  1. Practice

You need to always have practice e to help you increase your ability to draw. This is a very good way that you can do to make yourself a better artist.

  1. Try to Draw What you See, Not What you Have Known

To help you improve your skill at drawing, you must do this kind of thing. Drawing something that you see right now could be very handy to help you improve your ability to draw. Don’t try to draw something that you already know, because it won’t make you stuck and you don’t want it to happen.

  1. You Must Try to Sketch Upside Down

When you draw things upside down, it will help you to see things very differently, this also will help you to learn a new perspective on drawing things. This will help you improve your drawing skill as well.

Those are the 5 tips that you can try if you want to improve your drawing skill. Very easy to do and of course doing the stuff above will make you a better artist.

Improve your Animal Drawing Skill

You can draw anything you want and anything you like. But, if you want to learn or improve your animal drawing, you might like to learn a few steps below, to help you understand how to make a good animal drawing. Here are some tutorials that might be very helpful for you, especially if you want to improve your animal drawing skills.

  1. Observe the Animal First

Before you start your drawing, you need to stop and have a good look at the object that you want to draw. Take a moment to see things, observe and study the animal.

  1. You Must do the Research Before you Get There

Before you draw an animal, you must do some research first, and study the animal that you want to draw before you get there. You must learn about their muscle, skeletons, and also their pattern. This will help you in increasing your ability to draw an animal.

  1. You Also Need to take a Mental Picture

We know that animals can’t stay still. To combat this kind of situation, you must develop a technique of taking a very mental snapshot. don’t stare at the animal the entire time, you only need to have a glance and then after that quickly look away to your drawing page.

  1. You Also Need to Break the Body into Sections

This is also called an observation. You need to break down the sections into six main areas, the head, neck, front legs and also shoulders, body, rear legs, hips, and the last thing is the tail. This will help you to draw the animal in a very specific way.

Those are all the things that you need if you want to have animal drawing ideas. Hopefully, these could be good tips for any of you who like to draw animals.

Interesting Facts About Coconut from Indonesia

Coconut is a plant that has many benefits. All parts of this plant can be used, such as the many coconut products from Indonesia. Coconut is one of the plants that has emerged from prehistoric times. The oldest coconut fossils alone were recorded around 37-55 years ago. In some areas such as Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia, coconut has been cultivating since 1000 BC. In Nagara-Kertagama (1365), it is stated that there are various types of drink menus for parties, one of which is palm wine.

All parts of the coconut can be used for anything. Therefore, there are many in the market ranging from traditional markets to supermarkets for processed coconut products. Indonesia as a country producing coconut products has various types of coconut products from Indonesia and Indonesia’s coconut exports are also high.

For example, Indonesian coconut sugar has a high market demand in the UK and transactions can reach 2.35 million US dollars. Then, there is coconut charcoal which is used as fuel for shisha or Middle Eastern cigarettes. Coconut flour is also a commodity that is in demand in Russia.

Fun Facts About Coconut

Coconut as a fruit and plant that has many benefits, also has some fun facts. Here are some fun facts about coconut.

  1. Cocos nucifera

Coconut tree has the Latin name Cocos nucifera, Coco means “monkey face” because the three indentations in the shell resemble the face of a monkey and nucifera which means like a nut.

  1. Many coconut trees are found along the equator

Coconut trees really need sunlight for growth, besides coconut trees also grow well in the lowlands. Therefore, Indonesia is a region where coconut trees can grow well.

  1. The coconut tree is called the tree of life

Almost all components contained in coconut trees can be used for human life. Coconut has a myriad of benefits that can be used by humans starting from the fruit which is rich in nutrients and the roots have many benefits that can be consumed.

The leaves are used as material for making many crafts such as bags and baskets, while the leaves are used as broom sticks. Coconut trunks can be formed into furniture and can also be used as a basic material for building houses. Because of the many benefits of this tree, coconut is dubbed the tree of life.

  1. Infusion fluid

Coconut water contains a lot of sugar, salt, protein, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and dietary fiber. Because of the content of these substances, coconut water can also be used as a substitute for intravenous fluids. Even during World War II, coconut water was used as a blood transfusion.

  1. Coconut sugar

Coconut products from Indonesia are the most in demand, one of which is coconut sugar. Usually used as a substitute for cane sugar in cakes. Coconut sugar has a lower GI than granulated sugar. However, the kcal content is equivalent per gram. This is a healthy alternative to sugar. However, coconut sugar is energy-dense, so it is better to use it in certain foods.

  1. Coconut fruit is the seed of the coconut tree

Coconut fruit is an angiosperm plant (seeds covered) and a type of monocot (single seed). The coconut seed itself is covered by three layers, namely the skin, the fibers in the coconut fruit, and the shell. Therefore, the coconut fruit is actually the seed of the coconut plant itself and can be likened to nuts. This is what makes coconuts called the largest seeds in the world.

  1. Coconut can kill

Many cases of death that occur as a result of coconut. For a coconut farmer who climbs a coconut tree, if he falls, the towering coconut tree poses a fatal risk for the person who climbs it. In addition, if a fruit with a heavy weight hits the head, it is unlikely to survive. Another fact states that falling coconuts kill 150 people every year. That number is ten times more than the people killed by sharks.

So that can be conveyed a little about the facts about coconut ranging from the meaning of its name to the many benefits of coconut that make Indonesia have many coconut products from Indonesia which are used as export products.