Combining Bali Interior Design with Technological Advancements

Talking about the fusion of Bali interior design with technological advancements is certainly intriguing. Especially with the progression of time, it undoubtedly has a significant impact on home designs, particularly in Bali. Bali boasts house designs that include distinctive and appealing architectural features.

There are already many houses in Bali that exhibit modern nuances while retaining deeply ingrained traditional elements. Furthermore, Bali’s rich cultural heritage is closely related to the interior design found there. Below are some examples of the combination of traditional and modern Balinese interior designs.

Combining Traditional and Modern Bali Interior Design

One example of combining traditional and modern interior design in Balinese homes is:

Bali Houses with High Roofs and Wooden Frame Glass

An example of the fusion of traditional and modern Bali interior design is a house with high roofs and wooden-framed glass. The interior concept of homes in Bali is heavily influenced by their culture, especially the use of wooden and rattan furniture. An example of a modern Bali house interior design is having wooden frames with glass.

Many houses in Bali have adapted existing modern designs. For instance, wooden glass doors are used instead of walls. This interior design concept will create an impression of a more spacious house with better airflow. Especially with high roofs, it will give the impression of a more spacious and comfortable home.

Traditional Bali House with Red Brick Walls

Traditional Balinese houses with red brick walls are also very popular today. Red brick is a commonly used material in construction. While most houses in Bali traditionally use wood, nowadays, many incorporate red bricks to maintain a traditional ambiance.

Houses in Bali typically feature wooden interiors that can be combined with red brick. Moreover, the affordable price of red bricks can provide a cooler ambiance to the house. Many houses also leave the red bricks without cement coating, giving them a more traditional and cool feeling inside.

Modern Bali House with Wooden Walls

Another example of combining traditional and modern Bali interior design is a house with wooden walls. The traditional ambiance of Bali house designs can still be achieved. As is typical with most houses in Bali, wood is used as ornamentation and for walls.

A modern Bali house using wooden walls will impart a natural feel to the house. Houses with wooden walls are ideal for relaxation spaces or family areas to create a cool and familial atmosphere. Family gathering spaces should be designed as comfortable as possible, and one way to achieve this is by using wooden walls.

The Main Gate in Modern Balinese House Design

The main gate, known as “angkul-angkul,” resembles a temple and serves as the main entrance before entering the house. Almost all houses in Bali have angkul-angkul because they hold significant meaning for the locals. Even modern houses in Bali can incorporate angkul-angkul to delineate the interior and exterior spaces.

By using angkul-angkul in the design of modern Balinese houses, the design maintains a modern appearance while still retaining its traditional touch. Angkul-angkul is also unique and can only be found in Bali. It carries distinctive characteristics related to the local culture.

Modern Balinese Resort-style Houses

Another fascinating combination of Balinese house interior design with technological advancements is the concept of resort-style houses. Bali is a tourist destination with numerous resorts available as accommodation for tourists. Modern Balinese house interior design resembling resorts is also currently popular.

Especially for those who seek comfortable living spaces and wish to differentiate themselves from typical residences. Opting for a resort-style interior design is compelling and will make occupants feel comfortable, as if they are on vacation every day. An example of a Bali house interior concept ala resort is having a swimming pool as part of it.

The chosen interior styles inside the house are more modern and can also be combined with wood elements to provide a traditional ambiance. You can place a rattan swing in a family or relaxation corner. Typically found in resorts, such swings are often used by guests for relaxation after swimming.

Indoor Gardens

Indoor gardens can also be an interesting recommendation for modern house designs. Indoor gardens are quite common in modern homes. Typically, a characteristic of Balinese houses is having yards with plenty of plants.

You can create a relaxing indoor garden spot to provide a fresh and natural atmosphere. Indoor gardens can be modified with several Balinese ornaments to maintain a traditional ambiance. Having a house with an open indoor garden brings nature indoors.

Private Swimming Pool

A private swimming pool can be an option for relaxation and family recreation. Around the pool area, you can add various ornaments such as wood and stones to create a comfortable and warm ambiance. You and your family can relax by the poolside while enjoying tea with traditional furniture.

Wood and Stone Architecture

Wood and stone architecture is very characteristic of Bali and can be seen in some of its furniture. Typically, Balinese beds still have wooden frames. To achieve a more modern house ambiance, you can opt for contemporary wooden bed frame designs.

You can also use wooden dressing tables to maintain a traditional impression. Wooden furniture is prominent for creating a natural and durable appearance. To have a comfortable modern Balinese residence, you can enlist the services of trustworthy Bali interior design firms.

These are just a few examples of the combination of traditional and modern Balinese interior design following technological advancements.