9 Easy Ways for Our Families to Give Back on Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is one of the activities we can do with our family. In this activity, we can focus on supporting and providing assistance to communities around the world.

Giving Tuesday activities focus on supporting animal, children, and education community activities in the United States and around the world.

9 Ways For Families To Do Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is a charity that is very useful for others. If you and your family are animal lovers, you can follow and donate to animal communities in the world.

The following are giving Tuesday activities that we can do easily:

  1. 3 Ways Giving Tuesday for Animal-Loving Families

Many animals in the world are on the verge of extinction and require special attention. If you and your family are animal lovers, then you can do a giving tuesday activity for the animal community.

The following animal communities are organizations that you can donate to and join in some of their activities:

  • Heifer International

This community is the largest in the world. They accept donations in the form of money and animals.

They will manage the smallest donations to buy chickens, geese and ducks, and their eggs. As a source of family protein, they will distribute various types of poultry for consumption.

In addition, they will also sell their poultry to the market. Proceeds from the sale will be used for children’s school fees, providing clean water, and buying food for children who live in poverty.

  • Foundation Save Elephant

If your family is an animal lover, try to join in the donation to save the world’s elephants. This organization is based in Thailand.

They preserve elephants, which currently have a population of only 30,000 on earth. They save elephants that are injured because their habitat is cut down, elephants that are used as shows, and other elephants that should not be used.

  • Local Animal Protection

In addition to the two organizations above, you can also donate to local animal protection. You can buy pet food, cages, or bed linen that is useful for them.

  1. 3 Ways Giving Tuesday for Families Care About Education

Instead of spending your money on traveling, you should donate to the following educational organizations:

  • org

This organization was created in 2016 and aims to create a library and laboratory for children. Haiti is a place where children have difficulty accessing education.

With this organization, they succeeded in rebuilding Haiti which is full of knowledge.

  • org

This organization is a charity that can connect teachers and donors. We can see which teachers need our funds to run their projects. We can help with a small donation.

  • Malala Fund

Malala is a child figure who cares about education. We can donate to girls who have dropped out of school and are afraid of going to school because of gender violence.

  1. 3 Ways Giving Tuesday Families Care for Children

Here’s what you can do if you care about children around the world:

  • Jude

This place is a pediatric research hospital located in Memphis. Here you can help children who are affected by cancer and other deadly diseases. they pay for all the treatment of the children.

  • Save The Children

This organization aims to protect children from harm. In addition, they also support children so that they can get good nutrition in their lives.

Especially in a country where there is a lot of war. They are a shield to protect refugee children.

  • Shot@life

This organization is concerned with the mortality rate of children who are not vaccinated. For example, children affected by measles, diarrhea, polio, and so on. By donating to Shot@Life we ​​can save 1 child from death.

The Most Important to Setting Goals For Help Our Kids

The pandemic situation makes things more difficult for everyone, including our children. The things that our children usually do such as playing ball, hanging out with friends, face-to-face school all cannot be done.

Of course, our kids are having a hard time these days and lack the enthusiasm to face the future. They find it difficult because they can not meet with friends and school as before.

Pandemic Children’s Dreams

For a moment we forget about the goals and dreams of our children before the pandemic. Some want to audition, take part in sports competitions or go on vacation with friends.

All the dreams and aspirations that our children wanted before the pandemic, of course, can still be realized. With a note, we must help them stick to their goals and dreams.

The pandemic may complicate all conditions, but we can still help our children achieve their goals and dreams.

Helping Children Achieve Goals and Dreams During a Pandemic

Children find it difficult to deal with pandemic situations, so do parents. But we must support the goals and ideals of our children.

There are several ways we can do to continue to support and realize our children’s goals. Here’s a summary:

  1. Use the Classroom Champion Platform

This platform provides various services for children. services available from goal setting to learning curricula.

All that is available on this platform is to help students realize their dreams and goals. In this platform, students will also get social learning.

In addition, students will also get emotional learning in human development. This platform teaches children to understand their emotions and empathize with others.

This platform has a positive purpose because apart from that we help set the child’s goals. children can also have empathy for others.

This will have a positive impact on children’s positive relationship with their environment. The learning curriculum provided includes unit goal setting, emotion, team performance, healthy living, perseverance, and leadership.

In addition, they can also get mentors from Olympic athletes. If your child’s goal is to become an athlete, then use this platform so they can get mentors from Olympic athletes.

They will also be given lots of motivation and tips so that they can realize their children’s goals and dreams. Many motivational videos are given by Olympic athletes so that children can build their skills.

  1. Involve Parents

So that children can achieve their goals, then we as parents need to be involved. In this case, we need to be involved in various activities that our children like.

Support whatever their dreams and goals are. For example, they want to become soccer athletes, so we can find a community to train their abilities.

Even though it is still in a pandemic atmosphere, parental support is the main thing. Don’t let your child fall and can’t reach his goal.

Support whatever your child wants so that they can live a better life and according to their wishes. Under the supervision of parents, children can live their dreams to achieve the desired goals.