4 Things That Make Laser Mouse the Best Mouse for Gaming

The mouse is one of the computer components that should not be left behind. Currently, two types of mice are popular and widely used.

Optical mice and laser mice are two types of mice that are popularly used. One of them is Logitech g502 software which is now very popular as a gaming mouse.

For gamers, the mouse is a very important component to determine sensitivity and movement. Therefore, a gaming mouse must meet certain criteria.

Difference between Laser Mouse and Optical Mouse

The optical mouse is the most common type of mouse we encounter on the market. This mouse can be used by ordinary users even for gaming.

Optical mouse uses an LED sensor on the bottom surface. Unlike the laser mouse which was just launched in recent years.

A laser mouse is believed to be better in terms of precision and sensitivity. Because LEDs are being replaced by laser technology.

So, the laser mouse is better for gaming because it provides sensitivity and stability. Here’s to find out the difference between a laser mouse and an optical mouse:

  1. Sensor Time and Speed

Laser mice have 1600 dpi and even more. For gamers, mouse response is the most important thing.

The laser mouse has a very good resolution and response speed. This speed depends on sensor resolution, monitor resolution, and size.

Logitech g502 software is one of the laser mice with excellent response speed and best stability.

  1. Resolution and Precision

Optical mice have an average dpi of 1,200 but laser mice have up to 3000 dpi. The mouse resolution needed for gaming is between 1000 and 2400.

So, the laser mouse is the right choice for a gaming mouse. The higher the resolution, the more sensitive the mouse is towards the game.

  1. Design

Laser mice have an elegant design and are usually equipped with a backlight. Laser mice usually have a backlit equipped with additional buttons.

The laser mouse is also equipped with RBG which can adjust the sensitivity level of the mouse and even the light produced.

While the optical mouse usually has a very bright light such as green, red or blue. This color sometimes makes the eyes hurt especially if we use it at night.

The laser mouse design is more elegant and luxurious and has lighting that does not hurt the eyes. We can use it comfortably even at night.

  1. Price

Laser mice usually have a higher price than optical mice. But not all laser mice are expensive.

Laser mice have higher sensitivity and lower power consumption than optical mice.

Optical mice can’t work on mirrors, while laser mice can. So, the price of a laser mouse is higher but the benefits are also better.

One of the recommendations for a gaming mouse is the Logitech g502 software. You can get a mouse with a very good level of stability and sensitivity.

The laser mouse will show speed to help you enjoy the game and win the match. So, laser mouse is the best choice for gaming.

Some Ways to Help Your Child Practice Music Without Punishment

Are you going to lead your child to learn music at a young age? Leading them to do so might be so challenging. To lead them to learn music, you need them to be disciplined.

If you are, as a parent, willing to teach your kid music, Tubidy MP3 might be helpful for you as the website provides you with various types of music. Leading your kid to learn music at such a young age will be challenging yet important.

Some “tiger parents” might use punishment as the consequence the kids get when they do not do as their parents want them to do. Psychologically, punishment is not an effective way to discipline kids.

Do you want to know why?

The Reasons Why Punishment Is Not Effective for Kids While Learning Music

  1. It does not develop kids’ behavior

Punishment might stop your kid from not doing undesired behavior temporarily, but it does not teach your kid how to do positive behavior as your wish for instance practice music after their school. Punishment will not teach and show your kid the right things they should do.

  1. It has negative effects

Giving punishment to your kid will always give side effects whether it is crying, being upset, or even tantrum. These kinds of effects show that punishment is not always the effective way to teach your kids. When the kids are in bad condition, it is not the right time for them to learn something.

Tips For Helping Child to Practice Music Without Punishment

  1. Help your kid to see music from a different side

School is tiring for kids, not to mention the pile of homework they need to finish too. No wonder that additional practice sessions would be such a burden for them.

But you can help them to see music from different sides to engage them that music is not their burden. The best thing to do so is to let them choose the instrument they want to play.

  1. Let your kid decides

Putting your kid under your control all the time will give them more pressure. You need to understand that being a kid also needs to be understood. You can put them to be decision-makers by allowing them to decide their practice schedule. This way will make your kid feels more valued and also teach them to be responsible for their decision.

  1. Guide your kid to see the beauty of music

Each music, just like the one you can find in Tubidy MP3, has its beauty. To make your kid understand that music is beautiful and a gift, guide them to understand that. Tell them that it is their privilege to be able to practice instruments because it is not available for everyone.

Teach them how to appreciate their change on learning music and help to enhance the music in your kid’s life. Tubidy MP3 will help you discover any music you are interested in. so, instead of giving them punishment when they do not want to practice, help them to see music from a different side to let them find the beauty of music.

6 Ways to Enhance a Photo in 5 Minutes

As social media users, sometimes we have to make the photos we want to upload look better. One of them is to do photo editing.

This skill can be regarded as a professional skill that may be explored by self-taught. This time you will find out how to improve the image quality of your photos.

You can take advantage of the best free lightroom presets so that your photo can be better and have a unique style and ready to be uploaded to social media

Simple Steps to Improve Photo Quality

In improving the quality of an image, there are several steps you can take. Here are the steps:

  1. Adjust Exposure

One that is often a big problem is when shooting very low lighting. Although there is lighting, the results are low quality.

For that, you can adjust the exposure starting from using automatic exposure or you can adjust it to your needs.

Also, pay attention to the white balance so that the resulting photo is more realistic and gets good lighting. Increase the temperature so that the photos are warmer.

  1. Adjusting the Color Balance

You can edit photos by adjusting the color balance starting from hue, saturation, and luminance. Play with various colors so that there is an effect on the photos you edit.

Color balance can show high-quality photos. Even if you take a low-quality photo, you can still make it better.

  1. Use Filters

If you don’t want to bother, then you can use the best free lightroom presets. These presets can make your photos look better in no time.

You can choose various types of presets that you can use and adjust to the feel of the photo you want.

There are many options that you can try and you can make photos with a better quality only with this filter.

  1. Cropping Technique

One of the things that make your photos look more quality is by cropping the image. This technique can eliminate inappropriate compositions.

To create a good view, then you can crop the part of the photo that is considered disturbing the feel of the photo.

You can adjust photos and adjust cropping as needed. Cropping photos is one way to make your photos more focused and get better image quality.

  1. Fix Image

Currently, there are many applications that you can use to improve your images. For example, you want to improve your body to be slimmer or get rid of acne on your face.

Usually, this application is used to edit someone’s photo to make it look more perfect. You can use this application to fix bad body parts.

  1. Remove Annoying Objects

When we photograph a landscape there must be an object that we do not want to appear in the photo. So that the photos are better you can delete the object.

Use the app to remove unwanted objects to make the scene perfect. After that, you can use the best free lightroom presets so that your photos are of higher quality.

New Car Features for The New 2023 Toyota 4Runner

Along with the development of advanced technology, there are lots of things which are completed with high technology nowadays. We can see how smart the phones we have are, TV, and even the cars we ride today. One of the cars that have high-tech features is the 2023 Toyota 4Runner.

Car enthusiasts must be really excited to know that the 2023 4Runner will be shown with many advanced features. Being one of the legendary cars brands, Toyota is always trying to give the best products to their customers. Starting from the interior and exterior, the developers are ready to present the best of the Toyota 4Runner.

New Car Tech Features from Toyota 4Runner 2023

The upcoming Toyota 4Runner 2023 becomes one of the upcoming cars which is most awaited by car enthusiasts. Many people have a thought that this car would be having better improvements. They really cannot wait to see the exterior and interior design, and also the engine improvement.

  1. Exterior Design Plan

4Runner is one of the toughest and the most stylish SUVs among others. 2023 4Runner is expected to have a more attractive look. They can combine premium material with plastic materials to build a sturdier look. On top of it, they can also add leather to create a more stylish look for the new 2023 Toyota 4Runner.

4Runner would be completely amazing if it has some differences with the previous model of outgoing cars. The concept of the front fascia on 4Runner is more eye-catching and aggressive than the previous model. It is also said that the manufacture will apply a new grille and LED headlights for the new 2023 4Runner.

  1. Interior Design Plan

Interior design is very important for the customer because it will decide how much they would be comfortable while driving the car. The interior design will determine what kind of driving experience they would have. For 4Runner itself, the manufacture will feature it with more advanced tech and better material to give customers a better experience.

The seating arrangement will remind the same, but 4Runner would likely have a larger touch screen and premium infotainment. The dashboard would likely still be made from a better quality of material which is hard plastic. It would be better if the manufacture includes leather material to coat the interior design.

  1. Engine Arrangement Plan

The detail of the engine arrangement plans for the new Toyota 4Runner 2023 is not sure. But it is likely that the new version of this SUV would still use the same engine as the previous model. It might use a V6 engine with a 4.0-liter capacity combined with an auto 5-speed transmission, but it is possible for them to adjust the new gearbox.

The power of the current engine is 270 horsepower and it can be a full-time or part-time four-wheel drive or rear-wheel-drive. It is expected that the manufacture will apply a more advanced engine, around 300 horse-power with an 8-speed – 10-speed gearbox. Anyway, customers expect to have the best engine in order to have a better experience driving the new 2023 4Runner.