Choosing the Best Water Purifier Technology


Water is a vital resource in human life. Some people are still consuming water from plastic packaging.

However, water from plastic packaging is not guaranteed to be clean. That’s why we recommend using a water purifier.

If you are looking for a water purifier, parker distributor Indonesia provides various types of water purifiers that can be an option for your home.

Why Should Use a Water Purifier?

Technology creates a water purifier so that we consume clean and healthy water every day. Because water is susceptible to bacteria, pesticides, lead, mercury, or other materials.

If we continue to consume water that is contaminated with chemicals, it will disrupt the health of our bodies.

A water purifier is here as a technological innovation so that we can drink clean and healthy water every day.

Type of Water Purifier Technology

There are several types of water purifiers that we can choose from, here is a list:

  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) Technology

This water purifier is the most popular, especially if your home has high Total Dissolved Salts (TDS). RO technology can eliminate harmful bacteria in-home drinking water.

RO can purify water caused by bacteria or chemicals. This technology will remove excess magnesium and calcium salts in the water.

Parker distributor Indonesia provides a water purifier using RO technology. You can choose this water purifier if your home has a high enough TDS level.

Unfortunately, this RO technology makes you much more wasteful. Because this machine will squeeze almost 50% of the water that is disposed of with the dirt.

  • Ultra Violet (UV) Technology

This water purifier that uses UV technology can destroy micro-organisms and pathogenic bacteria in the water. Bacteria such as salmonella, E. coli, and hepatitis can be eradicated by this technology.

UV light technology can destroy harmful bacteria that can cause disease. Because in the water without us knowing there are a lot of bacteria that we accidentally drink.

Of course, the use of a water purifier using UV light can make our bodies healthier. Mainly to protect children from disease.

UV light technology can destroy 99% of germs in the water. So that the water produced becomes pure and fresh.

  • Ultra Filtration (UF) Technology

This technology focuses on removing dirt and bacteria in the water. This advanced machine does not use electricity.

If you have a house with low TDS water, then you can use this UF technology water purifier.

  • Electro Adsorption Technology (EAT)

This technology uses five stages of purification and is available with and without electricity.

In this water purifier, the first stage will work to remove sand, mud, and dirt. After that this tool will remove dirt through the net.

After that, it will perform an electro-adhesion filter, which removes disease-causing dirt. The fourth stage will remove the metal content such as arsenic.

The final stage will remove harmful chemicals such as pesticides.

Parker distributor Indonesia provides all types of water purifier technology. Choose one which you need for your house. Make a healthy home and have clean water for the health of your family.